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The Repair Process

We understand that the repair process can be overwhelming. We want to simplify this for you. Below you will find a chart that will help make the process easier to understand. We do this every day so let us do the work so you don’t have to.

Beacon Auto Body South Jersey Auto Repair Shop


We will update you throughout the repair process from beginning to end via our text message program. As your car goes through the tear down, repair, paint, and completion of the damages we will send you updates to keep you informed of the progress of repair. If there is a delay or if it is completed ahead of schedule you will be the first to know without ever having to pick up the phone. Phone calls are always still welcomed.

We are here for you

Long gone are the days of getting a few estimates and just getting the repair work done. As with so many things, the collision world has been made much more complicated. It can be very overwhelming to deal with the insurance companies and the repair process on your own. This is what we do every day, as professionals.  Our professional team can help you through every step of the process, from helping you make the claim with your company, to getting you in a rental and of course doing quality repairs.  We will do the hard work for you. We work diligently for you and for your vehicle to be repaired to a safe pre-accident condition.